Bisbee, Arizona

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Bisbee Ghost Tours

Your Ghost Host will lead you on this spooky walking tour through Old Bisbee’s streets, stairways, and old alleys to embark on an after dark adventure to discover and learn about the ghosts that haunt this hundred thirty five-year-old town. Learn their history and favorite haunts while seeing Old Bisbee when very few do, after sunset. Visit the haunts of Julia, a Lady of the Evening, who enjoys the company of married men staying in her room, Nat the miner who owed money to the Money Man and paid for it with his life, and the Lady in White who saved the lives of three children.

The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour is the only one of its kind. Get up close to the haunted locations and if you are brave enough we will go inside a couple of the most haunted! We take you where no cars, buses or other motor vehicles can!

Address: 5 Copper Queen Plaza, Bisbee, AZ 85603
(520) 432-3308



Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone is a town in southeastern Arizona, known for its Wild West history. Exhibits at the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park include a replica gallows. On historic Allen Street, the O.K. Corral outdoor theater re-enacts an 1881 cowboy gunfight. Resident ghosts are said to haunt the bullet-riddled Bird Cage Theatre. Outlaws are among the local townsfolk buried at the 1878 Boothill Cemetery.


Heritage Stairs

One of Bisbee’s most magnificent architectural achievements are the countless concrete stairs that cling to the steep canyon-sides. Lack of flat land and the need for miners and bosses to reside near their workings led to the construction of hundreds of hillside homes beginning in the late 1870s. The owners and occupants of the irregularly shaped, sometimes nearly vertical, parcels had to develop dependable routes to reach their properties. The sturdy early Bisbeeite initially relied on precipitous trails featuring switchbacks. However, these winding inclines soon proved impractical as they were difficult to maintain and became slippery in wet weather. Next, the clever canyonside dwellers constructed a network of wooden stairs, often resembling ladders! The wooden stairs provided straight up-and-down access to the dwellings from the canyon floor. This, however, changed in the 1930s. Many of the major concrete stairways we still see today were constructed during the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration, one of the Federal Government’s back-to-work programs. ‘WPA’ was often pressed into the concrete or tagged on an embedded bronze plaque. It is still common for nice houses to be situated on a parcel that is accessible only by climbing 100 or 200 steps to reach the front door! Come explore our stairs…there are thousands of them!



mining musem.jpeg

Mining & Historical MUSEUM

Discover History: Explore Bisbee’s Past Today! A Smithsonian Affiliate, the Museum offers an interactive trip back in time for the whole family, telling the story of a western copper-mining town’s role in the industrialization of America. The American Industrial revolution not fun to learn about? Think again! Why copper?  Find out!

Visit Us at #5 Copper Queen Plaza, Bisbee, Arizona 85603

Our Phone is (520) 432-7071 extension 1

Our hours are Mon to Thu by appointment only, Fri to Sun 10am to 4pm

(Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Days)


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Copper queen library

Originally located in a corner of the company store across the street, The Copper Queen was the first public library in Arizona. The current structure, built in 1905-06, is notable for its prominent three story high arches. The ground floor is occupied by the town’s central post office, the second and third floors by the Bisbee Public Library. Its collections range from the original Pritchard donation of some 400 classic volumes to the most current titles (including print, audio, video, and electronic) in art, literature, history, politics, medicine, science, and popular culture. Friends of the Copper Queen Library is an association that sponsors educational and volunteer programs in connection with and support of the Library.

6 Main Street

Old Bisbee



Erie Street, Historic Lowell

Walk back in time and visit a post-apocalyptic landscape from the 1950s. Erie Street is all that is left from what once was a mining town incorporated in the early 1900s. The rest of this historic neighborhood was demolished to widen the open pit copper mine. Erie Street is continually restored by a vibrant and passionate community of residents and volunteers who want to remember a different America. So although you can no longer see a show at Lowell’s movie theater or pay $0.22 for gasoline, the Lowell Americana Project has made it possible to experience the street as a living snapshot of another time. And not everything on Erie Street is purely decorative—visit the Bisbee Breakfast Club for an excellent Huevos Rancheros.



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Naco, Sonora

With one of the shortest wait times anywhere along the border, the Naco Port of Entry gives you easy access to all of the medical services, shopping, and most importantly the wonderful food. Grab lunch, go to a dentist, and check out all the beautiful artwork Naco Sonora has to offer.


Queen Mine Tour

Take the Queen Mine Tour and find out why it’s cool underground! Outfitted in a hard hat, miner’s headlamp and a yellow slicker, thousands of Bisbee visitors descend into the Queen Mine Tour each year—heading underground and back in time. Tour guides, retired Phelps Dodge employees, lead the group 1,500 feet into the mine and recount mining days, techniques, dangers and drama.

478 N Dart Rd, Bisbee AZ 85620




Artemizia Foundation is a not-for-profit contemporary art museum located in the heart of historic and charming Old Bisbee. The Foundation’s goal is to create connections between community and contemporary art through stimulating conversations and programs designed to effect lasting, transformative impact. Experience cutting edge contemporary artwork by some of the most important artists in the world today including Banksy, Swoon, Tracey Emin, Ai Weiwei, Mr. Brainwash, Andy Warhol, Kerry James Marshall, Yayoi Kusama, Blek le Rat, Kara Walker, Jeff Koons, Jenny Saville, Robert Longo and more. Artemizia Foundation’s collection is curated by founder and director Sloane Bouchever.

27 Main Street, Bisbee AZ 85620


Lavendar Jeep Tours

Since 2001, we have been introducing visitors to our community with driver-narrated tours throughout the hills and back roads of Old Bisbee, down to the “suburbs,” down to the border, up into the Sky Islands, to the neighboring ghost towns and on a picnic to a nearby ranch. Let us show you the same Bisbee that we have fallen in love with. Our drivers are experts on the history and culture of this unusual city, with decades of familiarity with the attributes that make it attractive and — well, in many ways — quirky.

11 Howell Ave, Bisbee AZ



Hiking, Off roading & birding

Whether you’re looking hiking, birding, or off roading, Bisbee is centrally located to offer a little something for everyone. Many species of birds come migrate through or live in the area, and we are the hummingbird capital of the world. For hiking, you can start with the famous Bisbee stairs, or explore the hills behind the town on one of the many trails.



As you find yourself cruising around Bisbee winding around the pit, make sure to pull off at the Lavender Pit Mining Overlook. It is a quick but interesting stop where you can take in the huge open pit mine that made Bisbee what it is today. Fence cut-outs facilitate unobstructed photos of the interesting looking geographic feature. Take some time to read informational displays that tell you about the mining process and environmental concerns.